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myMCC Credit Students Log on to myMCC Password Reset / Find username; Trouble resetting your password? Call the Help Desk at (815) 455-8457. Remember to update your Wi-Fi password on your mobile device(s) after you reset your password. What should I know about registration? Noncredit Students New to MCC and want to register online?

Q: I have a MCC user account, how do I log onto the Member-only area? A: Click on the “Member Login” link at the top of this page to get to the login screen.

MCC News shares the college news, events, faculty, staff and student stories from Mohave Community College each month. Known as the "Mohave Minutes" it is intended to be a quick source of information to keep you updated on what’s happening at the college’s four campuses.

MEMBERS of the MCC already get to drink full strength beer and the best seats in the house at the MCG. Now they will get to eat and drink cheaper than fans in the outer as well. A new MCC card.

TENSION between punters and security guards has already amped up this morning after a confrontation at the MCC Member’s Gate. A fan, who had received a passout, had some choice words with a security.

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